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When we heard about the restoration of a 1913 Alfred Mylne yacht, we
knew we had to get involved somehow. Trasnagh is a real classic and after
speaking with her owner, Ian, we were given the honour of taking on the
rigging work.

Working with Ed Burnett of Burnett Yacht Designs,, and Peter Nash, a sail plan was drawn
up taking her from a bermudan yawl back to a gaff yawl. Her mooring is
here on the River Dart.

Ian will be using her for some family cruising and we can't wait to see
her out on the water.



Winnie Marie

Winnie Marie is a West Solent One Design and was launched last year
in Brest, France.  She was featured in the December 2010 - issue 270 of
Classic Boat magazine and we are proud to say we were involved in her
build as well as doing the rigging.

The owner of Winnie Marie was keen to utilise traditional skills and
methods wherever possible.  The stays are all hand spliced, bronze
fittings in abundance and custom made leather spreader ends.

You can follow this link to the photographer of the Classic Boat
shoot for photos of Winnie Marie taken by Emily Harris.



Marcus, Freya and new addition Malachi have now completed the build of
their three masted lugger. Both Freya and Marcus are great advocates of
keeping traditional skills alive whilst also benefitting from modern
materials and methods where appropriate. They have done amazing work
and are looking forward to now going sailing on her. Staying on
Grayhound is a perfect way to sample living on board, as well as getting
involved in the sailing of this incredible boat. You can book to try it out
for yourself and follow their adventures here:

We have truly enjoyed being involved with the rigging and wish them
continued success in their venture.


Wild Horses

The current owner of Wild Horses, Ian, contacted us after
seeing our demonstration of traditional hand wire splicing
at the Dartmouth Royal Regatta 2010.  He was impressed
with our use of traditional methods combined with modern

Wild Horses is a Pugh one design 48 offshore racing
yacht with not many home comforts down below at the
moment! Ian intends to sail Wild Horses to Australia.


Rebecca of Martha’s Vineyard

The River Dart is the home port of many a beautiful yacht, however when Lee saw Rebecca tied up to a pontoon last year he couldn’t resist asking permission to go on board to have a look at her various bits of rigging and deck hardware.  It was due to his insatiable curiosity that a problem with her whisker stay was spotted.  Lee was able to replace the damaged hand wire spliced stay and send them on their way. 

Earlier this year we were contacted by Ashley Butler of Butler & Co ( to make up the other whisker stay.  Rebecca was in the Canaries and had a crew member flying in for a few days.  We were able to get the job done and send the new stay back with the member of crew on their return flight.