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  Modern Rigging

Here are just a few of the services we provide:

Changing standing rigging from wire to fibre
Class A galvanised and grade 316 stainless steel wire stays
We are able to swage wire terminals up to 16mm
Talurits from 2mm to 10mm
Supply and fit of deck hardware such as clutches, winches and blocks
Splicing of modern ropes ie: Braid on Braid,
Dyneema , Kevlar, etc...
Servicing and supply of new furling systems
Servicing winches ... and much, much more!

The term ‘deck hardware’ covers a wide variety of essential equipment each with a choice of brand and very different pricing structure. We can help sort through all of what’s on offer so that you choose what is best for you and your boat.

Telephone: 01803 835912

Or use the e-mail form on our contact us page

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