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Solid bronze thimbles

After getting disheartened with not being able to find ones that are
"just right", we decided to design our own and have them fabricated
in the UK.   They are kinder on the wire when splicing and fit
perfectly into the jaws of bronze rigging screws.  They are available
for wire sizes from 4mm to 16mm. 

Get in touch via our contact us page for further information and



Marlin spikes

We have been working with Nigel Gray on a few projects and have realised that he too has been frustrated by the difficulty in finding a source for really good marlin spikes.  After some research, we have found a company in the US who are happy to make them up to our design.  They are well proportioned and have a good taper for wire splicing.  If you are interested in buying one or more of these, contact Nigel directly on 07940 438250 or email him:


Dull stainless steel 316 marine grade 7x7 wire

For anyone wishing to utilise the benefits of stainless steel whilst keeping the traditional look of galvanised. 

We have various sizes available, from 4mm up to 10mm wire.

Contact us for current prices.